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Raw: Neozero .. Thanks to KaNx for posting it on MH ( where i found it )

Raw was good . Cleaning was Easy … Thanks to Neozero and KaNx

Transalation : momodaisuki

TranslationĀ  was good , neatly organised . A big thanks to momodaisuki

Typesetting was tough. Small bubbles , Lot of text , and Vertical text.

Rest of the stuff and a shitty credit page by

– safame

PS: Its My First Solo Release . So there are a lot of mistakes . Please Give Your Opinion in Comments . Thanks.

PPS : Almost Forgot the DL Link

MU –

RSĀ  –

MF in 10 mins.



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  • The Wolfkin: thanks for the release bro.
  • rei: thank you for the release!
  • safame: @magma3637 By the time i reacher 17 and 18 .. i was too tired .. Sorry abt tht .. this chapter has a lot of text ... so after doing 15 pages .. m